Calendar Saturday, March 23, 2019
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1 class/wk                                                $85.00 month

2 classes/wk                                             $150.00 month

3 classes/wk                                             $195.00 month

4 classes/wk                                             $240.00 month


10% Family Discount for 2 students

20% Family Discount for 3 or more students

Hourly Class Rate

Student Drop-In Hourly/Class Rate          $25.00

Adult Drop-In Hourly/Class Rate              $15.00

Adult 8-Class Card                                   $80.00

This option is for students taking class at their leisure. Hourly classes are limited in the Spring in preparation for our Spring Concert.

Summer Tuition varies

Aerobics and Specialty Classes Tuition varies

Private Lessons Also Available